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Regenerative Agriculture.

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by building implementation standards.

We have made it our mission to scale up regenerative agriculture, which we believe can be accelerated by embracing automation. We are taking regenerative agriculture out of the sphere of ‘hobbyism’ and ‘trial projects’, and making it the logical evolution of land-based agricultural production; by presenting farmers with insight into a better way to produce, and combining ‘boots on the ground’ implementation with innovation and automation.

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Our mission is to regenerate 2% of total farmland & farmers by 2035.

In the Spotlight

Benvenuto, Elia.

At reNature, we welcome Elia Bortoletti. With a strong experience in regenerative agriculture, carbon farming and nature-based solutions to fight climate change, Elia is also a natural winemaker and a beekeeper. Interested to join us like Elia?

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Our Global Impact

+1.8M ha


+143K farmers


+9M tCO2


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