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Regenerative Agriculture.

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Regenerative Agriculture is here.

We believe that nature and agriculture can cooperate instead of compete. We also believe that farmers and local communities across the globe deserves a long-term profitable future. That’s why we focus on Regenerative Agriculture. What does that mean? An agricultural system that is designed to ensure farmers with: food security, economic resilience and input self-sufficiency. This system creates several benefits for farmers and communities, such as: increasing soil carbon, biodiversity, water storage and forests preservation. It fosters food security and sovereignty, next gen farmer motivation, rural development and women empowerment. On the economic side, it lowers external input costs, creates different income streams due to diversification and may, in some cases, even increase yields. We develop model farms and model schools on all scales and all around the globe. The future is regenerative. Join us now.

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In the Spotlight

New Latam Portfolio Manager

We welcome Daniel to the team to support us with Latam projects. With an international agribusiness background from the past 10 years, he has experience with procurement, sales and supply chain management in the Brazilian agricultural market. Daniel is ready to make a difference, mainly through quality customer service and relationship management with farmers & suppliers.

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Impact Generated

32.995 ha

Land Regenerating

24.407 farmers

Being Impacted

659.900 tons

CO2 being seq.

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