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Let’s Regen 2% for the Planet!

Since reNature Foundation was born, we are on the mission to reshape the agricultural landscape to a regenerative systems. This year we want to increase the number of our goal; we want to regenerate 2% for the planet by 2030.

This 2% for the Planet means we want to reach 2% of all farmland = 100.000.000 hectares and 2% of all farmers = 10.000.000 farmers.  

To bring us closer to this goal, we are teaming up with Patreon, a subscription platform for content creators that connects fans directly to dedicated content for a monthly fee.

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Our 2% for the Planet campaign challenges individuals and corporations to pledge funds towards regenerative projects. Regenerative agriculture has a huge potential for being a climate change solution. We want to make a difference through our local projects and the support of our community. We are calling upon everyone to internalize this idea of 2% and for companies to pledge 2% of net profits towards a sustainable future.

Supporting our projects through patronage

The Patreon platform is a modern take on the classic concept of patronage. Historically, artists such as painters, musicians, and authors sometimes relied on wealthy donors’ patronage to finance their work. Patreon takes that core concept and enables a much larger audience to finance work they like at affordable monthly rates. Today, Patreon is used by various NGO’s, artists, including podcasters, YouTubers, musicians, and writers.

Laikipia project has been made possible by a donation of the Leopold Bachmann Foundation.

Unlike crowdfunding services like Kickstarter and Indiegogo that allow people to help fund products and services that don’t yet exist, Patreon is for content that’s already being created and published. The intention is to provide a sustainable income while rewarding patrons with additional content and a higher engagement. 

Now you are able to support reNature’s mission of regenerating land and empowering farmers through Patreon. With varying tiers of our monthly membership, you can unlock exclusive content on a monthly basis. Get involved with reNature projects from anywhere in the world just for the cost of a Frappuccino.


I can skip one Starbucks to support you.

Count me in for €4 a month.

How Patreon tiers work

Patreon enables creators to establish multiple membership tiers. The number of tiers and the subscription rate at each level is left up to the creator. This can encourage casual fans to pay a low rate – perhaps as little as $1 per month – while more dedicated followers can subscribe upwards of $10 or $20 per month. Higher tiers grant funders access to premium and exclusive content not otherwise available for supporters at lower levels. You can quit the membership any time you want.

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Become a Patron!

What do you get as a patron of reNature Foundation?

reNature offers three tiers; Sweet Supporter, Great Fan and Best Friend Forever. Pledging to any of these make it possible for the foundation to grant donations to projects that are by no means supported by any other organisation. 85% of all the farmers that have submitted their project in the past two years, have no access to finance. Whether you support us with a low amount or a little more, you help these farmers to secure their food, become climate resilient, and increase biodiversity.

For us, a noble task to bring you their story and updates created by our team, our experts and the farmers on site.

Sweet Supporter

For only €4 per month, you can become a Sweet Supporter. Without Supporters, there is no cheering. Let’s clap hands while we reshape the landscape of agriculture.

Great Fan

For €9 per month, we offer you special updates, live streams, and Q&A sessions. With your admiration, more farmers will be able to make the step to regenerative agriculture.

Best Friend Forever

Want to be our BFF and be engaged in our work? Supporting us with €14 per monthly will give you voting rights to choose the project to support. Of course we will give you access to their updates and personal stories later on. With only 1,000 patrons, the foundation will be able to finance four projects per year and help hundreds of farmers in the transition to Regen Ag.

By the way… when granting a project, a special social media post will reveil the names of our BFFs.

In 2020 reNature Foundation supported Anaua Farm

2% for the Planet is aiming at land and farmers

The 2% for the Planet goal is aiming at size of land and amount of farmers. You as a patron will be securing large plots of lands, mostly in South America, and supporting the transition of many farmers, mostly in Africa. reNature Foundation supports other NGOs and organised smallholder farmers.

What can you do as a company?

The subscription based Patreon platform is ideal for individuals. Companies and other organisations who want to support reNature Foundation in reaching the 2% for the Planet targets, have three different tiers. To find out more about supporting reNature as a company click here.


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