We help farmers to change their production method to a sustainable agroforestry system. Instead of one crop like corn or cocoa that needs too much water and chemicals, and just exhausts the soil, we show farmers how to grow multiple types of crop together that support and strengthen each other and improve the condition of the soil.

reNature Foundation provides information, guidance and supports local authorities, cooperatives and farmers in setting up a sustainable agriculture in the form of agroforestry. We want to restore nature by protecting nature and regeneration farm land through agroforestry.  

The Founders 

reNature Foundation is founded by Marco de Boer and Felipe Villela. They met at the TFF Summit where their mutual passion to help people learn and grow became clear. Felipe has a background in agroforestry and Marco has experience as strategic and creative director.

Marco de Boer

the Netherlands

The Board 

The foundation has three board members who put their time and energy in making sure reNature Foundation is going the right direction. Chairman Elsard de Boer promotes Syntropic Farming in Mozambique with Harmonergy. Nick Matulessy is an architect. Treasurer Jacqueline Smit has a earned her steps in media and software. 

reNature Foundation is registered in the Netherlands under RSIN 858367142. 

Elsard de Boer

the Netherlands

Nick Matulessy

the Netherlands

Jacqueline Smit

the Netherlands

The Experts

Working with reNature Foundation means that you will get the best on agroforestry system development. reNature has a team of experts from all over the world with years of experience in agroforestry.

An important part of our approach is education. Our experts and volunteers will explain what agroforestry is about to the community involved in the project. Projects will be carefully documented and shared.

The Volunteers 

The last step to set up an agroforestry system is working on the land and enrolling the farm design. This means manual labor. reNature Foundation is supported by a community of volunteers who help with the execution of the plan. A part of the funding will be used to house and feed the voluntary team.

The Projects 

reNature Foundation realises agroforestry projects around the world. With our projects we focus on setting up Model Farms, provide Education and do Research.

From the rainforest in Brazil to islands in Indonesia the foundation brings back nature in food production. All running projects are carefully documented on our reNature Foundation Projects.





Thought for Food

Brazil / USA

Submitting a project

Would you like our experts to do your project, give a workshop or give advise? All our projects are funded by companies and organisations like you that care for nature. If you like to submit a project please fill in our submission form. We will take a look at your entry and get in touch.


We accept donations to the foundation and to specific projects. Your reNature donation will be used to spread the message on agroforestry and to research further possibilities of syntropic farming. If you donate to a specific project your donation will be used to strengthen the project, educate the local community, improve more land or plant more material. 

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