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Anaua Model Farm: The Dream Come True

Written by Valeria Guzzi, a reNature team member volunteering at Anaua Nursery.

A rainbow stretches over the plot that will be converted to Agroforestry. Nature’s way of saying “Thank you!” (Source Anaua Nursery, 2020)

Two Birds, One Stone

Why not implement agroforestry whilst educating people and creating potential agroforestry converts? Meet Anaua Nursery, a Model Farm project made possible by reNature’s 2020 private donations.

During an interview we conducted with Hudson, Anaua Nursery’s owner, he expressed his big dream to spread agroforestry worldwide, combining education with hands-on learning. Through the construction of a Model Farm, he aims to create an educational center where people can learn more efficiently by actively and practically participating in the implementation of new agroforestry plots. He feels this will have an even bigger impact as the participants will get hands-on experience with starting an agroforestry plot. “We want to give opportunities to a wide range of people to see the economic, social and environmental values of regenerative agriculture, whilst providing a complete, long-term capacity-building program that prepares each participant to be a multiplier of agroforestry and encourages them in the transition to regenerative agriculture”, says Hudson. 

The plot of land that will be regenerated at Anaua Nursery. (Source: Anaua Nursery, 2020)

Anaua Nursery’s Mission

Since 2011, the Anaua Nursery has embraced the mission to counteract the high deforestation rate that has characterized different regions of Brazil, by producing native as well as endangered tree seedlings. Specifically, the nursery is located in one of the most biodiverse but threatened Brazilian biomes, the Atlantic Forest, which during the decades has lost 85% of its original extent. By adopting a truly green commercial model and sustainable growing practices, the nursery succeeded to produce 2 million tree seedlings in seven years, which have been planted all over the country. 

Implementing the Model Farm

Driven by their deep connection with the environment and recognizing the multiple benefits of regenerative agriculture, Hudson and his family have been working hard to transform the dairy production areas into resilient and productive agroforestry plots, having reforested 12 ha since the beginning of the activities. 

Thanks to our private donors, who gave €2,300 for this project, it has been possible to start the implementation of a Model Farm: a new agroforestry plot is being prepared and will be centered around cocoa as a viable financial model. This funding will go directly towards planting 3,086 trees, 9,096 pineapple plants, and many other crops!

This area aims to be just the first real case study that will be used as an opportunity for farmers, students and researchers to have hands-on experience while acquiring technical and specific agroforestry knowledge. Hudson plans on running workshops for the local farmers which will help create a wider network of farmers with Agroforestry knowledge.

Benefits to the People and the Environment

The Model Farm aims to be the opportunity to accelerate the spread of agroforestry locally and globally. It will create multipliers of agricultural systems that regenerate the soil, restore forests, improve microclimate and water quality and, at the same time, produce healthy food abundance and independence. People will live the unique experience of getting in contact with soil, understanding the natural processes of the forest and learning how human beings can work with nature rather than against it. They will see practical examples of viable, scalable and productive agroforestry models; groups of students can invest time in research, using the agroforestry plots as a place of observation and inspiration.

Agroforestry is economically resilient and generates income diversification for the farmers and better food quality for the market, meanwhile the planet is getting greener and healthier. So let’s go plant trees!!


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