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Post about projects, news and other subjects that will increase awareness about Regenerative Agroforestry, permaculture, and other related topics.

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How to make coffee become regenerative

You are probably reading this with a cup of coffee in your hand, aren’t you? Despite coffee being the most popular beverage consumed in the entire world, few ...
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A definition of Regenerative Agroforestry

What we mean when we talk about regenerative agroforestry You might have seen us use the term ‘Regenerative Agroforestry’ in several of our previous article...
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DOEN Foundation supports reNature with new investment

The Netherlands-based DOEN Foundation (Stichting DOEN) is fostering our efforts to make agroforestry mainstream with financial support of €250,000. Through th...
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Partnership announcement: The Global EverGreening Alliance

The Global EverGreening Alliance works to implement massive land restoration programs in collaboration with numerous member organisations, governments, and mult...
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Insights on the Netherlands

Why agricultural innovation is needed When people think about the Netherlands, they usually tend to think of cows and cheese, tulips and windmills, grass and wa...
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What the EU’s Green Deal could mean for Regenerative Agroforestry

Recently, key strategies of the European Commission’s Green Deal have been published, describing a transition towards a fair, healthy, and environmentally-fri...
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reNature is pitching at World Environment Day at UNEP

UN Environment Programme (UNEP): Founded in 1972, UNEP assists governments and private stakeholders regarding environmental policies, promotes science and knowl...
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reNature’s position in the ecosystem

Bringing the right actors together The world of regenerative farming is a complex one, just like a diverse agroforestry system itself. With growing attention fo...
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Fashion: Rapid growth that comes at a cost

Fashion – an industry that links to everyone – comprises anything from the raw materials, textile manufacturing, the processing and production of ga...
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How changing a spice production system increases benefits

From tree-climbing vines like vanilla and pepper, to actual trees like cinnamon and nutmeg, many spices actually come from the forest. They are ideally suited f...
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Insights on Indonesia

Indonesia is known a unique set of ecosystems characterized by abundance and diversity. Unfortunately, it is also known for severe deforestation and forest degr...
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Insights on Brazil

Brazil supports a unique abundance of wildlife, whilst hosting almost 60 percent of the Amazon – the world’s largest tropical rainforest – and the...
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