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Winning MIT Solve 2022

At reNature, we are pleased to announce that our entry with Kelp Blue and the Kelp Forest Foundation is among the 8 winners of this year’s MIT Solve Globa...
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Creating Agroforestry Digitally

How a group of high school students created 3D agroforestry models in Minecraft A group of students from the Calandlyceum in Amsterdam just finished an amazing ...
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Welcoming Tamara Reygers to the Team

Tamara has a background in sustainable development, which she gained during her degree in “International Studies” and several internships in Europe and in d...
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Humans of Nature: The farmers version of Humans of New York

Honoring farmers as stewards of our environment through #HumansofNature Have you ever heard of Humans of New York? Brandon Stanton started a blog with the ambit...
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Welcome 4 new team members!

reNature has been growing rapidly, and we’re proud to be welcoming 4 new members to our team! Meet Samantha Sutton, Guus ter Haar, Antonia van Vlastuin &...
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Welcome 4 reNature new team members!

reNature has been growing rapidly, and we’re proud to be welcoming 4 new members to our team! Meet Elena Yurchenko, Benoît Clément, Eline Martins, and Ivens...
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Announcing reNature’s new strategic advisors: Marcello Brito and Christine Gould

Marcello Brito: Driving financial remuneration for regenerative practices Marcello Brito’s participation in the advisory team will greatly enhance the rea...
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Next-Gen Led Innovation for Sustainable Development in Food and Agriculture

reNature’s founders, Marco and Felipe, met at the Thought For Food Summit back in 2017. So, it’s about time we introduce TFF to the reNature community! I ha...
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Preta Terra; our Experts of the Bangka White pepper system

For the White Pepper Agroforestry project in Bangka, Indonesia, Preta Terra made the design. It is time to interview their Valter Ziantoni, Forestry Engineer / ...
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Mixed farming increases rice yield

A standard Indonesian rice field may look pretty with a mountain backdrop. But these one crop agriculture systems are not future proof. The extreme weather we a...
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Mazi Farm: an encounter between pure knowledge and experimentation.

Styra is a small town on Evia island in Greece with a tiny fountain in the middle of a small plaza. A big white church and a café were the two spots getting th...
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Meet MAIS: Change Makers teaching Syntropic Agriculture

No matter what you consume, most likely a farmer took part in the production flow at some point. Farmers face many challenges which are worsening due to climate...
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