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We as reNature are conducting research ourselves and are collaborating closely with various scientific bodies in the sector. Here, you can find all relevant news and information concerning Regenerative Agroforestry research and related topics.

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What you want to know about soil health

Whether you call it soil, mud, dirt, earth, or sand, the ground we walk on is full of organisms crucial for nature. Besides water, it is where life on earth sta...
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Kelp, the maritime help

One of the core principles of regenerative agriculture is NOT to use external inputs. However, there are situations where you simply can’t ask a farmer to wai...
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How can we transition to regenerative land-use, faster?

This article was originally written for REVOLVE MAGAZINE by Samantha Sutton. Here’s the question: what knowledge do we need to accelerate the transition towar...
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reNature’s place in carbon trading

Insetting as a holistic approach to foster responsible business Carbon emission reduction is a no-brainer for most organizations today. However, a credible cont...
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Regenerative Agriculture: Towards a low-to-zero input agriculture

The challenges of the Anthropocene have revealed the importance of regenerative agriculture as an alternative approach for meeting sustainable development goals...
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New Tech partner to scale Regenerative Ag in Brazil

Two pioneering companies with an impact in the Brazilian AgriBusiness sector and with global operations unite to accelerate the transition process towards more ...
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Researching financial opportunities for smallholders in transition

Marcela Flores is developing a SAP for reNature to incentivize 5 smallholder farmers to transition to Regenerative Agriculture through accessing new financ...
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What do we know about Carbon in soil?

Fact and fiction on carbon in soils Many of us will have heard about the potential of soils to store carbon. But can soils really sequester a significant amount...
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What Covid-19 can teach us

The long read: reNature’s lessons from the corona crisis 2020 will be a year that we won’t forget all too soon. The corona crisis has manifested itself on a...
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Why agroforestry is a promising climate change solution

Regenerative agroforestry provides a cross-cutting solution to many of the world’s challenges. This is because integrating trees within agricultural systems i...
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New Partnership with 52impact: a pioneer in satellite imagery

reNature is growing and so are our partnerships. We are excited to announce the latest collaboration with 52impact – a pioneer in satellite monitoring and...
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Agroforestry: The Solution to Drought and Poverty

Agroforestry plays a fundamental role in this challenge, since the method is capable of restoring degraded soils to provide water, food security and improve qua...
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