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Meet the reNature Bangka team

Did you hear? reNature is going to Bangka Indonesia! to develop a regenerative agroforestry system for the production of white pepper.

From Mid March to Mid May, these six reNature change makers will be in helping out with the development of the agroforestry white pepper test plot:

Bruno Lenzi

Team leader Bruno Lenzi (@lenzifloresta), was born in Varginha, Minas Gerais, and graduated in Forestry Engineering from the federal university of Lavras. During college he worked on reforestation projects, recovery of degraded areas and geo-processing of satellite images. He has deepened his knowledge in Agroforestry with courses and several volunteer works carried out since 2018 on properties with agroforestry and agro-ecological projects. Bruno had the honor of learning and working with two students of the master Ernst Gotsch, who gave him an immeasurable contribution in this journey of learning and professional experiences.

“Think of the generations to come, we need to preserve and recover nature!”

Milene Couto (@milenecoutoo) grew up in Brazil and started her career as an international fashion model. Milene lived in more than nine different countries, and currently resides in Los Angeles. She is vegan and an environmental advocate. Milene is the founder of Conscious Pleasures, a platform that will soon launch with the purpose of spreading consciousness about everything we consume, and it will make it easy to find products and companies that are having a positive impact. She is passionate about learning and spreading ideas that are changing the world such as Agroforestry. .

Lucas Vieira (@lucas_mountainsurfer), is a mechanical design engineer working in the field of renewable energy and now currently a student of syntropic agriculture. Lucas was born at the base of the Mantiqueira mountains, where he became an ultramarathon trail runner, that makes him totally addicted to challenges and exploring new places, because he believes that it makes him a better person for the world.

“Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive.”

Our Bruna Quadros Todeschini (@Bruna_todeschini), was born and raised in a small town in the heart of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. Nature always played a crucial role in her life, which brings her a sense of calmness and belonging. This connection with nature, combined with a business background, led her to a passion for social and environmental entrepreneurship. After completing her master’s studies in Sustainable Territorial Development and working for two years in Social Startups in Berlin, Bruna left her second home Europe on a journey through a lifelong dream destination, South-East Asia.

This is Yayang Vionita (@yayangvio), who is from in an Indonesian farmer family, raised up with the privilege to be close to nature. Yayang was playing under a big mango tree in her backyard with her grandfather when she started asking questions about how this small backyard could provide almost all food they need to sustain. “Why does not everybody have a garden like this?” Her grandfather told her that nature loves us so much by providing everything we need as long as we preserve what nature has given to us. Twenty years later, after studied Biology and Plant Sciences, she found that her grandfather was telling the truth and now she is committed to be one of nature lovers by doing as many as she can to reNature their land.

Last but not least, Connor Dunn (@connor__dunn), our reNature Bangka ChangeMaker. Connor had a childhood full of exploring the outdoors which brought about a passion for environmental issues. He continued that passion by studying environmental science at Iowa State University and working in Natural Resource Management. Along the way, his interest shifted to sustainable agriculture. His previous forestry experience led him to Agroforestry. He has been working in Uganda, Hawaii and Midwestern USA. Some of his other passions involve rock climbing, biking, hiking, and traveling.

The goal of the Bangka white pepper agroforestry test plot

After two years the results of the testplot that is planted by the team, will be evaluated to adjust and optimize the system. The planting system that contains over 30 different plants, herbs and trees is designed by our partner Preta Terra and will be planted by the reNature Bangka team together with the local farmer and his team. There are around 500 white pepper farmers connected to the same buyer. With this plot we will change their future and the appearance of their 4000 hectare of pepper plantages.

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