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New Partnership with 52impact: a pioneer in satellite imagery

reNature is growing and so are our partnerships. We are excited to announce the latest collaboration with 52impact – a pioneer in satellite monitoring and mapping applications.  

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52impact is a Dutch-based tech company which transforms satellite imagery into meaningful insights. Their tool, 52suite, uses a combination of GIS technology, image processing algorithms and machine learning to convert satellite data and other spatial data sources into interactive maps. This means that you can literally watch reNature projects grow.

“There’s so much data out there, but it is not used to even a fraction of its fullest potential. We select, process, combine and visualise spatial data to map and monitor natural resources and sustainability projects. We don’t aim for 99% accuracy of the data, but we do aim for 100% usability.” – Sabine de Milliano, Co-Founder / Director 52impact

At reNature, we do more than plant food crops, we grow regenerative farming systems. Such systems have a landscape-level impact. Maps let you see trends and patterns that would otherwise be invisible. The interactive maps and dashboards of 52impact let us track vegetation growth, moisture stress, drought and make estimates on carbon storage and biomass. We can collect this data to develop a better understanding of the impact of our projects and compare them to farming systems across the world.

Screenshot of 52suite for the Bangka Verstegen Project

reNature’s aim is to regenerate 1m ha by 2030. The collaboration with 52impact allows us to visualise this goal. Our projects will be presented in smart, interactive maps. Now, we can really show you the impact of our work and demonstrate the value of your support.

The %2impact 52suite Dashboard