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reNature is pitching at World Environment Day at UNEP

UN Environment Programme (UNEP): Founded in 1972, UNEP assists governments and private stakeholders regarding environmental policies, promotes science and knowledge creation, develops and implements projects, and devises guidelines for sound environmental practices. The organization has now partnered up with reNature in the context of the new Global Environmental Outlook (GEO) for Business as well as the Act#ForNature forum.

Source: UNEP

The world’s leading environmental authority

As one of the United Nation’s 11 programs and funds, UNEP is subject to the world’s biggest environmental decision-making body (UN Environment Assembly) and responsible for driving the sustainable use and development of the environment. It targets the environmental aspects of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and acts as a “catalyst, advocate, educator and facilitator”.  Further, it is entirely funded by voluntary contributions.

On a regular basis, UNEP publishes the Global Environment Outlook (GEO). The most recent one (#6) has been launched in 2019. It consists of an assessment of the current state of the environment, the challenges that come with it as well as the solutions that will have to be applied to overcome them. 

UNEP’s current Executive Director Inger Andersen (Source: UNEP-AEWA)

GEO for Business 

Related to 2019’s GEO are the so-called GEO for Business briefs which have been recently launched. They are meant to make the connection between the science published within the GEO and the private sector by translating research findings into practical solutions. They also serve as a call for action urging decision-makers to tackle the most pressing environmental issues of our time. Throughout the year of 2020 six of these briefs will be made public focusing on the following themes:

  • Adapt to thrive and what transformational change means for business
  • Moving from linear to a circular economy and what this means for business
  • The changing role of business in transforming food systems
  • How business can manage the transition towards decarbonization and full electrification
  • Future-proofing infrastructure and infrastructure services for climate resilience
  • Changing finance, financing change

In a concise form, these briefs are meant to stimulate business, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to translate science into business-driven action. The aim is drive innovative, environmentally friendly practices. 

Felipe Villela as Lead Author and Keynote Speaker

The six briefs will be formulated by business actors – so-called Lead Authors – from the respective sectors. They will then be published by UNEP and its partners. At reNature, we honored to announce that our co-founder Felipe Villela has been approached by UNEP to become a Lead Author for the brief: “The changing role of business in transforming food systems”. The brief will be developed between May 2020 and January 2021.

reNature’s co-founder Felipe Villela will be speaking at the Act#ForNature forum

Additionally, Felipe Villela was invited to become a speaker at the Act#ForNature forum taking place from the 7th – 10th of June. The event is taking place virtually and is meant to support the 5th event of the UN Environment Assembly in February 2021. The underlying aim is the stimulation actions towards reaching the SDGs related to the environment. Felipe will be speaking on the 9th of June (10:00 – 12:00 (GMT+3).


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