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Fashion for Amazon: mobilize to regenerate

Amazon is the largest tropical rainforest in the world: it concentrates the largest river basin on the planet, in addition to 2.500 tree species and 30.000 othe...
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How do we get agroforestry off the ground in Flanders?

THIS ARTICLE IS TRANSLATED FROM THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE BY LIEN MORIS, SUSANOVA (DUTCH) There is a lot of potential in agroforestry. Nevertheless, the agricultural...
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Feeling cocoa and going bananas for Selva e Paz

Gudrun Götsch and her husband João Moraes are business partners producing foods with the help of agroforestry. Selva e Paz (that’s Portuguese for Jungle and...
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Triple Focus on Agroforestry Model Farms

In the past weeks, we have written and send multiple proposals for agroforestry model farms, next to education and research, one of reNature’s focus point...
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Agroforestry Class at Thought for Food Academy

At Thought for Food Academy in Rio de Janeiro, reNature Foundation inspired 200 next-generation innovators and entrepreneurs from 40 countries with their missio...
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Planting water – Agroforestry research at Ernst Götsch in Bahia

The agroforestry movement is growing fast under the Brazilian sun. In all corners of the country, people are now turning bare lands into bountiful food forests....
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Permaculture in Kenya: Sustainable with the younger generation

From volunteering on farms in his local community to studying at the Permaculture Research Institute of Kenya and Oregon State University, Yongo Otieno Wycliffe...
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Regenerating land with students and farmers in Lombok

Severe storms and heavy rainfalls are threatening small islands worldwide due to the climate change. It’s time for us to take action to prove that we can crea...
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Agroforestry workshop at Espaço dos Sonhos

To learn you have to practice also counts for agroforestry. That’s why reNature and Espaço dos Sonhos organized an agroforestry workshop. Starting from scrat...
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Visiting Fazenda Ouro Fino in Brazil

Last week, me, Geoffrey and Marc visited the most organised Agroforestry in Brazil. The farm, Fazenda Ouro Fino, is owned by Henrique Sousa, an agronomist who h...
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