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Livestock encompasses various sorts of commodities, such as meat, dairy, fur, leather or wool obtained from domesticated animals. Those range from ruminants such as cattle and goats to poultry, as well as more country-specific specimens like alpacas in the Andes or the yak in Tibet. Animal-husbandry which refers to the breeding, maintenance, and slaughtering of the animals can be done in agroforestry systems while providing a multitude of benefits. Silvopasture, for example, is a common approach used for hundreds of years.

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reNature and Climate Neutral Group join forces on rewarding regenerative carbon farming

reNature and Climate Neutral Group (CNG) are announcing their partnership to contribute to the transformation of agriculture into a climate solution. Both or...
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Insights on the Netherlands

Why agricultural innovation is needed When people think about the Netherlands, they usually tend to think of cows and cheese, tulips and windmills, grass and wa...
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Announcing our new partner: The Savory Institute

Savory Institute: Founded by Zimbabwean rangeland ecologist Allan Savory, the Savory Institute has partnered up with reNature to catalyze the spread of innovati...
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