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Technical Assistance

Implementing regenerative agricultural practices at the farm level is one thing. But, what if you are a company, an impact investor, an NGO or a public authority that wants to contribute to the regeneration of this planet on a different level? What if you want to address regenerative farming practices from a more strategic perspective?


At reNature, we provide technical assistance services to organizations that intend to apply, drive or support regenerative practices. We utilize our expertise, network, projects, experts and outreach to provide a range of context-specific advisory services. This includes:

  • Corporate strategy and value proposition
  • Gap analysis and action plan towards supply transition
  • Creation of fit-for-purpose regenerative farm designs
  • Strategic advise on farming related practices
  • Impact Assessment and Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Facilitation of off-taking agreements or certification preparation
  • Strategic advice on agricultural, regenerative entrepreneurship
  • Assessment of current agricultural portfolios and risk management strategies
  • And more

We offer flexible services ranging from short-term desk research assignments to in-depth analyses of local on-farm circumstances. They are context-specific and designed according to our clients’ requirements.


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