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Consultancy Services

Implementing regenerative agricultural practices at the farm level is one thing. But, what if you are a company, an impact investor, an NGO, or a public authority that wants to contribute to the regeneration of this planet on a different level? What if you want to address regenerative farming practices from a more strategic perspective?


At reNature, we provide Consultancy Services to organizations that intend to apply, drive or support regenerative practices. We utilize our expertise, network, projects, experts and outreach to provide a range of context-specific advisory services. This includes:

  • Corporate strategy and value proposition
  • Gap analysis and action plan towards the phased integration of regenerative practices in your supply base
  • Discovery of farmer business models and incentives for change
  • Facilitation of off-taking agreements
  • Strategic advice on regenerative entrepreneurship
  • Assessment of current agricultural portfolios and risk management strategies
  • Verification of existing Regenerative Practices for farmers, coops, and companies who need to know how regenerative their raw material is.

We offer flexible services ranging from short-term desk research assignments to in-depth analyses of regenerative practices in your sourcing base. 

Asking the right questions

In our engagement with you, which is at minimum a 3-month engagement, you will be supported by a Senior colleague and a team of support staff who will help you identify the core questions currently blocking your organization from moving forward. Maybe these are familiar to you:

  • What does the regenerative transition look like, for the coming 6 months, as well as a 5-10 year horizon?
  • How many farmers and hectares are we actually talking about impacting?
  • How can we come up with a ballpark figure for transitioning 100% of our supply base to regenerative practices?
  • What is the carbon sequestration potential of transitioning our main ingredients to nature-inclusive production practices?
  • How can regenerative agriculture act as a risk-mitigation strategy for our security of supply and our brand value?

Through a combination of desk research, sourcing data analysis, interviews, and expert engagement, the reNature team will allow you to come up with increasingly clear answers for your internal stakeholders, and help you understand the assumptions to be validated by your team, and justify your claims to the outside world.