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Compared to many its African neighbors, Rwanda is a country of few natural ressources. Its economy is largely dependent on agriculture – and so are its people. The great majority of Rwanda’s working population is making a living from farming highlighting the importance of the sector and its productivity. The most important cash crops are coffee and tea growing in the country’s hilly and twisty landscapes hardly accessible for large machinery. Regenerative Agroforestry systems can be well adapted to those conditions, whilst counteracting the country’s high deforestation rates and increasing food security and availability. reNature is focusing on the transition of Rwanda’s coffee plantations from monocultures into agroforestry systems. The aim is to increase sustainability and resilience benefitting farmer livelihoods as well improved environmental impacts.


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Agroforestry Model Farm in the highlands of Rwanda

By implementing an agroforestry model farm on an 11ha plot, this project will regenerate soil, supplement local food production and train member farmers in key ...
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