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2023 B for Good Leaders Summit

The 2023 B for Good Leaders Summit will take place on May 11-12, at Beurs Van Berlage in Amsterdam.

More than 1,000 Leaders (founders, owners, board members, C-Suite executives, investors) will come together to share projects, ideas, ventures and innovations, inspire each other and create action driven programs to build a regenerative economy.

The changemakers who gathered in the first summit in Rome picked out six paths to follow in order to create a new economy:

  1. Regenerative economy
  2. Sustainable finance
  3. Corporate activism
  4. Leadership
  5. Path to B Corp
  6. Food & Beyond

We are thrilled to be one of the speakers of the summit!

The way we produce food today threatens both people and nature, degrading our land and water, and accelerating climate change. reNature will show that nature and agriculture can cooperate instead of competing believing that farmers and local communities deserve a long-term profitable future.

Learn more about the program here: 2023 B for Good Leaders Summit Program