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2023 RAFSS Europe

The 2023 Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems Summit Europe (RAFSS) will gather key stakeholders within the food supply chain, decision-makers, and industry-leading experts and will take place in Amsterdam on September 6-7.

This year the Summit will focus on moving pilot projects to scale and on facilitating and accelerating the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices.

Attendees would be able to:

  • Identify new opportunities and challenges for incentivizing and onboarding farmers
  • Discuss strategies for solving scaling challenges and moving from planning to implementation
  • Implement a nature-positive strategy that focuses on carbon, promoting biodiversity, and improving water risk and resilience
  • Gain insight into the role of traditional banks and how they can evolve to better support regenerative over conventional agriculture

After attending the first summit in 2022 in Amsterdam and after being speaker at the Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems Summit USA in Chicago in March 2023, reNature will also attend the 2023 European conference.

Will you be joining us? As media partner of the event, we can offer a special discount. More information here