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Boots on the Ground

What should the private sector do to boost regenerative agriculture?

November 11, 2022, Felipe Villela hosted a 45-minute panel discussion at the Food Systems Pavilion at COP27.

Regenerative agriculture and soil health are the new magic words. Yet, large producers could not feel a bigger distance to the topic.

When talking about Farm to Fork strategies, the concept quickly faces a challenge in scale. And though new sustainable food systems bring new opportunities for operators in the food value chain, there is little trust from all sides. 

Will regenerative agriculture prevail and actually restore soil health on a large scale? And how can the private sector, considering its influence, be an effective part of that journey?

Bringing together industry leaders, Felipe will discuss the internal and external challenges in their respective supply chains to boost regenerative agriculture and improve soil health on a large scale.


  • Barbara Baarsma – CEO, Rabobank Carbon Bank (BIO)
  • Marie-Claire Daveu – Chief Sustainability Officer & Head of International Institutional Affairs, Kering (BIO)
  • Owen Bethell – Public Affairs Sustainability Lead, Nestlé (BIO)
  • Juliana Tinoco – External Relations & Knowledge Manager, Partnership for Forests (P4F) (BIO)
  • Morgan Gillespy – Global Director, Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU) (BIO)