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Join reNature’s Expert Network

At reNature, we are building a global network of agroforestry experts to help farmers changing their farming method. Since you are on this page, you are invited.

To be able to categorise your work method, expertise and specialisation, we would like to ask you to do the Expert Assessment Exercise. This exercise is the first step of our agroforestry expert application process.

The exercise has two sections:

  • First, you will answer general questions on the functioning and benefits of agroforestry systems.
  • Second, you will be asked to create a basic design and explain your choices.

👉🏼 Please only apply if you have:

  • long-term and practical experience in designing and implementing agroforestry and/or regenerative farming systems,
  • the ability to create farm designs, implementation regimes and management plans,
  • the ability to provide relevant capacity-building for farmers to help them implement and manage the system(s).
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