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Forests and trees provide the resources for a number of industries such as timber or logging, pulp & paper, and others. For instance, they provide wood and biomass for the creation of furniture, textiles, building materials, or fuel. Formally, the forestry industry employs around 13.7 million workers globally. However, it is characterized by high degrees of informality and the actual number is expected to be much higher.

Especially in developing countries, the forestry industry is of essential importance. Wood is still widely used as fuel and in many ways a precious material. Unfortunately, this often creates incentives for illegal logging and deforestation. Pulp & paper is also one of the largest industrial industries accounting for 40% of globally traded wood.

Regenerative Agroforestry integrates the forestry industry with other sectors, such as the production of food. This enables more diverse production and reduces the need for logging activities. reNature promotes the creation of holistic landscapes serving multiple uses while improving the economic, social, and environmental value of the land.

2.5 Billion

people using fuelwood

13.7 mio.


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