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Model Farms

How do you grow specific crops using Regenerative Agroforestry? reNature develops model farms to show how. Model farms are small plots with intertwined species focused on growing one or two main cash crops. The goal is to showcase the benefits of Regenerative Agroforestry and inspire communities to join the transformation.

And there is a good reason for developing agroforestry Model Farms, because model farms serve three goals:

  1. Developing an example farm for specific crops
  2. Operating as an educational center.
  3. Helping farmers with the transition to sustainable agriculture
Instruction Field Green School Bali

Developing an example farm for specific crops

Every region is different and so is every crop. For instance, our citrus agronomy in Yucatán, Mexico, is incomparable with cocoa production in Ecuador or the white pepper agroforestry in Indonesia. We develop designs focusing on different objectives depending on the local circumstances and the preferences of the beneficiaries. This way, an Agroforestry Model Farm serves as a showcase for local farmers highlighting the benefits of the approach, whilst providing a hands-on learning experience. reNature is not afraid of people applying some of the principles of agroforestry without paying for it. On the contrary, we WANT farmers to use them.

Operating as an educational center

A Model Farm is an ideal place for research and education. So where ever we are asked to send a proposal we offer additional training services to local farmers and students. This way, our team of volunteers receives an agroforestry training experience and learn from scratch what agroforestry is about.

Helping farmers

Last but not least, we help farmers. Many farmers are stuck in their annual routine of seeding and harvesting. They need to keep the farm running in order to provide income for their families. Stepping into the insecurity of a new business model is sometimes a big decision to make. It takes serious guts to do so. Developing a Model Farm always involves a visit, a good talk with the farmer and the community and a feasibility study. We work in a participatory fashion putting farmer interests at the center to obtain the best possible outcomes for everyone.

Our Coffee Model Farm in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Global interest in agroforestry model farms

Model Farms are needed everywhere. If you are keen to help you can sign up as a volunteer below. If you want to support one of our projects you can give it a boost through a donation under this link. Every help is much appreciated!


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In case you are interested how we help organisations with their supply chain by giving TA before setting up model farms, you can read about our consultancy services here.