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Our Code of Conduct

Instead of relying on a classic hierarchy, we work in self-sufficient teams. We’ve all heard that teamwork makes the dream work, but only a strong network and shared dedication lead to global regeneration.

We don’t accept

zero attitude


A bad attitude will not take you far. We should be able to share our opinions and thoughts in a safe and supportive setting.

Zero prejudice


We should treat people as equals, no matter their background, gender or preferences. We should feel free to be ourselves.

Illegal Activity

Unfortunately, where profits are involved, the danger of oppression, child labor, money laundering etc., is present. We make sure our projects are legally compliant and ethically sound.

We demand and stand for…


We respect nature, the world’s peoples and a diversity of opinions.


We keep our promises and get things done, sowing the seeds of trust to grow our relationships.


We deliver the same quality we would like to receive if the roles were reversed. We  are constantly working on improving.