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Antonia van Vlastuin

I strongly believe in the natural harmony of all things. Following this path will bring us closer to ourselves and with others. We are all part of the united natural ecosystem. Agricultural practices are at the basis of our food, cosmetics, medicine and fashion value chains. Transitioning towards a natural regenerative approach is therefore bringing back this harmony in our lives. This connection becomes preciously visible with applying regenerative, natural beauty products which are absorbed by our skin and hair, and therefore make us part of the whole. Let’s reNature cosmetics!

A Master student in Organic Agriculture at the University of Wageningen, Antonia is an expert in circular fashion and natural cosmetics and the link of these industries to the underlying production of agricultural commodities. She has designed regenerative farming systems and researched their connections to the market which equipped her with outstanding experience and a relevant skill set that she is now applying to her work at reNature.