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Elena Yurchenko

Over 15 years of her business career, Elena been gaining experience in launching a new business, a deputy CFO in the country unit in an emerging market, leading post-M&A integration processes and people, Global finance roles managing complexity, business fluctuations, and diverse Geographies (CIS, SAPAC, LATAM, EMEA) trough collaboration and building cross-functional relationships.

What brings her a fulfillment: creating a value for a step change, always looking at the business need and strategic aim, identifying points of improvement for sustainable growth, working in a team.
A proven finance business partner supports Management Teams to take business to the next level. Elena have worked for Danone as Global Capex investments, innovations & product sourcing Controller (Early Life Nutrition) as well as Finance lead at Global transformational Zero Based Budget project. In increasing volatile and complex environment Danone has addressed efficiency agenda by launching a transformation efficiency program for it’s Indirect costs scope, built on the Zero Based Budget concept, to deliver 1Bn savings in 3 years time.

Several roles within the ZBB change-management Project:
• Lead implementation of finance methodology in CIS and Noram;
• Lead finance for cross-division Global Operations indirect costs scope;
• Set up Finance Business partner role for Global co-manufacturing category;
• Coordination with external consultants on various project topics;