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Emily Franklin

Having grown up in a ninth generation farming family in the UK, I have always felt closely connected to nature and the stewards of the land. For me, regenerative agriculture is our chance to respect and cooperate with nature by observing and replicating the beauty of its processes. If we are successful in doing so, nature will reward us with food and job security, whilst also helping to mitigate and adapt to climate change. As someone who thrives in working with solutions to environmental and social issues, I see regenerative agriculture as one of the most exciting antidotes to the biggest crises we face. 

My working life has combined my studies in Chinese and Linguistics, and Environmental Technology to examine sustainability issues in a number of different sectors, including fashion, infrastructure and forestry with a regional-focus on Asia and in particular China. At reNature, I support projects in the Asia region and globally to make regenerative agriculture mainstream!

  • Indonesia
  • 100 ha
  • Open to Financing

Healing the Matrix, Indonesia

  • Kenya
  • 90 ha
  • Open to Financing

Stable Foods, Homa Bay, Kenya

  • Philippines
  • 1200 ha
  • Open to Financing

Innovative tropical farming, Mindoro, Philippines