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Fabiana Munhoz

Early in my life, I decided that my mission was to understand the science that determines the rules of our universe. This passion for understanding the unknow led me the to do all my studies, from undergrad to PhD, in Physics. At some point in my professional life, I realized that I could use my skills and science knowledge to look for solutions for everyday problems. That is how I joined the research and innovation team of a large multinational cosmetics company, where I had the opportunity to discover the exciting world of natural raw materials development and sourcing. During that time, in addition to learning new technical skills, the most important thing that I’ve learned is that science, innovation, and development cannot happen without people and nature.

That is why I took another turn in my career, putting people and nature at the center of my daily work. I believe in a world where companies and individuals respect and preserve nature and respect and value the people involved in the entire value chain. And also, in a world where everyone can have access to healthy and nutritious food produced by an inclusive and responsible agriculture. And that’s what brings me to reNature!

In very concrete terms, I am an international professional that helps businesses to achieve transformative change by implementing corporate strategies for sustainable innovation and sourcing. For more than ten years, I have been working with the sustainable use of agricultural commodities and biodiversity in Brazil, through the planning, implementation, management and monitoring of sustainable sourcing and benefit sharing projects. I have a strong ability to engage stakeholders, building solid networks and long-term partnerships. I am a recognized team leader, managing multidisciplinary technical teams.

I am happy to be here.