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Myrthe Nijsten

After quitting my 9/5 job, and going back to University to finish my Master’s in Marketing, I got the opportunity to travel to Spitsbergen, an island of Norway. Little did I know, that this was a trip that was going to change my life forever. I was faced with this incredible piece of raw nature, but also confronted with the impact of climate change. I got back home and decided that change had to start with me and nobody else. Long story short, that is why I became a freelance social media manager, and a member of the team of ReNature, supporting purpose-driven businesses to spread their beautiful green message into this world.

At the moment, I support entrepreneurs with social media that aim for a higher goal than only big profits. You know, businesses that put nature or society first. This could be a business that is donating a part of its profits to a charity that protects the rainforest. Or an organization that is making an impact to support and build on agricultural systems designed to ensure farmers healthy soil, food security, economic growth, and climate resilience, like ReNature! You name it. As entrepreneurs, we can make a huge impact!

I am beyond excited to create more online awareness around regenerative agriculture so that it becomes mainstream.