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Project Financial Questionnaire

To secure an investment in your project, reNature needs to know your financial history. And to make things easier, reNature build this questionnaire with questions like: Has your organization received loan funding in the past 5 years? Can your organization absorb a loan? And, What are your current barriers/challenges to securing loan funding?

reNature also needs to receive the documents below in PDF or MS Word;


  • (Un)audited financial statements of last 3 years
    Formal records of the financial activities and position of your organization


  • Land ownership title for the project site
    Document listing your organisation as the legal owner of the project site
  • Required permit(s) to operate on the project site
    Document(s) granting your organisation access and permission to operate on the project site
  • Shareholder information and ID’s
    Document presenting your key shareholders and their engagements to your organization
  • Certificate of organization registration
    Proof of your organisation being registered with the appropriate governing entity
  • Available contracts with or letters of intent from suppliers and clients
    Document(s) showing commitment to your key clients/suppliers and/or vice versa


  • Business plan
    Document containing the goals of your organisation, the methods for attaining those goals, and the time-frame for achieving them
  • Overview of currently managed funding
    Document outlining funding currently available to your organisation, including amounts, type (grant, loan, investment, etc.), granter/creditor/investor, and use of funds
  • Profiles of key team members
    Document describing your staffers, their roles and relevant background (including their contracts, CVs, and photos)

It is best to start with the questionnaire when you have these documents prepared. Please note that each document you upload should not be bigger than 10MB.

Your answers and documents will be shared with the potential investors. They will not be made public.