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Regenerative Entrepreneurship Program, Brazil

  • Definition
    Devising project idea, defining the aim and main components
  • Design
    Specifying details such as time-frame, budget, target indicators, project partners and relevant steps to reach the project objectives
  • Open to Financing
    Searching and securing funding and investment, setting up relevant financing partnerships, and discussing payment modalities
  • Implementation
    Execution of feasibility studies, context analysis, plot design, planting and setting up facilities and starting with potential capacity-building
  • Maintenance
    Operational phase (monitoring and evaluation, impact assessments and adjustments, execution of educational programmes and long-term capacity building)
  • Scaling Up
    Scaling up phase is when the project it has already shown success by obtaining impact as well as economic results and it's ready to become replicable.

In 2022, reNature started exploring the challenge of the Paiter-Surui transitioning to the modern world. With the help of partner Tewá 225, three key pathways for change emerged:

  1. empowering local ambassadors, such as regenerative producers, to inspire, demonstrate, and mentor;
  2. establishing a pilot farm featuring a multi-stakeholder model, knowledge platform, and capacity building center; and
  3. fostering associations to connect producers and entrepreneurs across communities.

Recognizing the need for social collaboration, reNature’s approach evolved in the Regenerative Regional Entrepreneurship Program (RREP). However, due to the pandemic’s impact, further development is paused until local conditions improve.

The program holds promise in fostering long-term adoption of regenerative practices through education, technical aid, and financial access. The recent political shift in Brazil reinstates crucial policies for social well-being and environmental preservation, presenting favorable conditions for programs like RREP. Notably, the creation of the Ministry of Indigenous Populations and revitalization of the Amazon Fund signal renewed government support.

The Future of RREP

The ultimate goal of the Regenerative Regional Entrepreneurship Program is to create a globally replicable approach for creating local ecosystems of regenerative entrepreneurship. Due to the innovative nature of the approach, we have started to test assumptions and gain valuable insights into the practicalities of setting up a strategy with the beneficiaries at the center of ideation and decision-making.
The methodology developed in this phase–social & production context analysis, stakeholder analysis to determine key target groups, and identifying key challenges and opportunities for RREP– is easily transferable to other contexts.

Second Phase Funding

To complete the full program, we’re looking for funds who are interested in supporting the business model development and investment rounds for the developed local initiatives.


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