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In 2017, our two founders, Felipe Villela and Marco de Boer, found their common ground in preventing the deforestation and deteriorating situation of small-holder farmers. Partly due to the industrialisation of agriculture, an increasing use of external input is needed to guarantee sufficient yield. In addition, the consequences of climate change in agriculture are tangible. Together they planned to do something about this and set up reNature Foundation (Stichting reNature).

reNature Foundation assists farmers, agribusinesses, and corporates in emerging countries with the transition to regenerative agriculture. Regenerative agriculture improves the soil health, biodiversity, economic resilience, and food security of local communities. reNature Foundation aims to help those farmer communities without access to finance. 

Our 2% mission

We aim to regenerate 100 million hectares of farmland worldwide while supporting 10 million farmers‘ transition by 2035. This represents 2% of total agricultural land and farmers.

Read about our achievements of 2022 in the Annual Report.


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The reNature Foundation raises funds for:

Project development

With the development of Model Farms and capacity building programs, reNature Foundation has a long lasting impact on local communities in rural areas. On average, a model farm covers 3 hectares, has 10 farmers directly trained and serves as inspiration for the surrounding farmers, usually up to 100. The projects are submitted by local farmers, COOPs and SMEs and carefully selected.

Project developments start at €50.000 and, depending on the duration, can increase to €900,000. One project can be funded by one to three donors. Project donors are allowed to communicate their commitment to the specific project and will be mentioned in reporting and communication.

Submission activities

reNature Foundation receives hundreds of project submissions through their online forms each year. A reNature Submission Officer checks the submission, contacts these farmers, COOPs and SMEs and walk through their entry to better understand their potential, writes a report, and shares the submission with potential financiers. Only three out of ten submissions are published.

Promotional activities

What regenerative agriculture entails is not yet common knowledge. In the past four years, reNature became the thought leader on regenerative agriculture and advocates regenerative practices on social media and at events. Nowadays, reNature reaches over 120,000 people on social media with a single message.


reNature Foundation’s Activities 2018-2022

Download the PDF

PBO or ANBI status

reNature Foundation is a certified Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) or –in Dutch– ANBI. An organisation can only be an ANBI if it’s organisation’s efforts are almost entirely committed to the public benefit. Donations to a ANBI organisation come with tax benefits to some extent.

reNature Foundation’s goals 2023-24

1. Setting up an Incubator Program for SMEs and COOPs

In 2022, reNature worked on getting projects financed through crowdfunding and private investors. This turned out to be more difficult than anticipated. The main red flag for investors is the poor financial setup at SME, COOP, and farm levels. 

The board decided to set up an incubator program to prepare these SMEs and COOPs for investments through training, guidance, and matchmaking. 

The Foundation is committed to seeking a grant to run the incubator program and an investment fund for those who come out of the program. 

Are you an institutional foundation or large fund with an interest in the social welfare and economic resilience of farmers and their communities? Contact us to receive the full pitch deck on the incubator program.

2. Focussing on the Global South

reNature Foundation prioritizes projects in Latin America, East Africa, and South East Asia, where the impact of climate change, deforestation, and land degradation on local communities is significant and enduring.

Out of the 271 received submissions, 105 are submitted from Africa.

3. Extending our network of local partners

reNature Foundation supports projects run by smallholder farmers and cooperatives through mid to long-term capacity-building programs. Hosting regular courses and training educational programs act as a knowledge hub for the region and supports the transition in the local farming landscape. For the execution and management of these projects, the Foundation contracts only local project managers and experts

Do you consider yourself an expert in regenerative agriculture and are you located in the global south? Join our network of experts. Send us an open application with your contact details and LinkedIn profile.

4. Connecting Foundations

reNature is seeking to connect foundations for developing capacity programs in the global south to facilitate smallholder farmers in the transition to regenerative farming practices.

Do you represent a foundation with a mission to improving social welfare, food security, and/or nature restoration? Let’s connect. Contact us by completing our online contact form for foundations.

5. Involving volunteers

The reNature Foundation has over 2,000 volunteers signed up. The Foundation is working on a plan how they can be activated.

Basic Information

Stichting reNature (reNature Foundation), registered office Amsterdam, the Netherlands

RSIN / tax number: 858367142



Address: Van Diemenstraat 20, 1013 CP Amsterdam

Chamber of Commerce number: 70542139

Official Dutch ANBI papers: Standaard Publicatieplicht ANBI Algemeen

The Board

The board of Stichting reNature (reNature Foundation) is formed by the following board members:

Board of reNature Foundation

Remuneration policy

The board and committees receive no remuneration for their work, only expenses incurred are reimbursed and there is no attendance fee (reimbursement for preparing and attending meetings).


The reNature Foundation receives donations and grants from institutional and private organizations as well as from private individuals. The donations vary in size between 10 euros monthly to 200,000 euros annually.

reNature Foundation’s Annual Reports

In the three years of the foundation, we see an exponential growth in revenue. Where in 2018, the foundation activities where mainly covered by the founders, in 2019 the foundation welcomed the first serious donations. By 2020, the donations were multiplied by 10.