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Sometimes people ask us “What’s the risk of investment in Regenerative Agroforestry?” and we ask back: “What’s the risk of not investing in it?”.

What is the official relationship between reNature company and reNature foundation?

The Foundation enables reNature to channel grants and funds focused on social impact and research in our projects. reNature Investments BV functions as a service provider that develops commercial projects and it can be activated through the foundation for corporate partners. This combination enables us to serve a wide range of clients, whilst maintaining a feasible business model and ultimately increase impact.

While reNature Foundation is open for grants and donations, reNature Investments BV is commissioned by corporates, organizations and large institutions to set up impactful projects driving scalability.

DeMendes is a Brazilian entrepreneur working with indigenous communities producing high-quality Amazonian Chocolate.

The investing opportunities

Investing in reNature Investments BV

reNature Investments BV is a private company registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The company is owned by our shareholders. We are carefully building our value in the market and very selective regarding our participants. In the past year, we connected with Meraki Impact who helped reNature grow to what we are today. This year of 2020 the DOEN Foundation (stichting DOEN) have joined us to scale our positive impact.

Investing directly in a reNature project

Nine out of ten of our projects that come to us are run by single farmers, cooperatives or private companies legally registered in their country. If you invest in a reNature project, you finance the organization who is looking for financial support to make the transition to regenerative agroforestry possible. How do I know whether a project is seeking financing? As you can see below, the project phase indicates whether a project is looking for  financial support:

Their financial needs cover local costs as well as the work of reNature for developing a model farm or a model school. You will be making the financial arrangements with the cooperative or the company. reNature simply connects.


Want to invest in one of our projects?

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