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It’s time to invest in food security, to invest in women empowerment, to invest in rural employment. It is time to invest in our future.

reNature Investments BV is the operational body of reNature, executing the goal of the foundation: making regenerative agroforestry mainstream. The core staff is employed by reNature ‘the company’. The company is a for-profit organization. The targets are to build, seed and grow the use of regenerative practices. The profit is used to speed this up, to make today’s agricultural practices regenerative, to grow awareness and to reach more and more people.

While reNature Foundation is open for grants and donations, reNature Investments BV is commissioned by organizations, companies and large institutions to set up large projects with high impact.

The Rushashi coffee bean washing station – Abakundakawa / This Side Up, Rwanda

The investing opportunities

Investing in reNature Investments BV

reNature Investments BV is a private company registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The company is owned by our shareholders. We are carefully building our value in the market and very selective regarding our participants. In the past year, we connected with Meraki Impact who helped reNature grow to what we are today. If you are interested in helping us to the next level, send us an email.

Investing directly in a reNature project

Nine out of ten of our projects are run by cooperatives of farmers or private companies legally registered in their country. If you invest in a reNature project, you finance the organization who is looking for financial support to make the transition to regenerative agroforestry possible. How do I know whether a project is seeking financing? As you can see below, the project phase indicates whether a project is looking for  financial support:

Their financial needs cover local costs as well as the work of reNature for developing a model farm or a model school. You will be making the financial arrangements with the cooperative or the company. reNature simply connects.


Are you interested in investing in reNature or a reNature project?

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