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Inspiration plants the seed, know-how ensures the idea grows. From corporate supply-chains to farmers, we facilitate the transition to regenerative agriculture with the goal of providing them with the necessary tools to do it themselves or include it in their operations. We offer various services such as Technical Advisory (TA), Model Farms (MF), Model Schools (MS), Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) and our Transition Package (TP).

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Technical Advisory

Implementing regenerative practices on your farm is one thing. But what if you want to address the issue at a more strategic level, assess your on-farm performance or evaluate your regenerative investment portfolio? At reNature, we utilize our expertise, experience and network to offer a wide range of different fit-for-purpose consultancy services related to agricultural practices.

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Model Farms

How do you grow specific crops using regenerative agriculture? reNature develops Model Farms to show how. Model Farms are small plots with intertwined species focused on growing one or two main cash crops. The goal is to showcase the benefits of regenerative agriculture and inspire communities to join the transformation.

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Model Schools

Farmers learn best from other farmers. Our Model Schools use regenerative agriculture plots as hands-on learning spaces. These schools host regular courses, offer long-term educational programs, act as a knowledge hub for the region and support the transition in the local farming landscape. Farmers help us promote transformation that is deeply integrated at the local level.

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Transition Package

How do you implement regenerative farming practices at scale? Building on the Model farm and School, our Transition Package is intended for larger projects applying regenerative agroforestry and agriculture at the landscape level. Transition Packages usually constitute multi-stakeholder initiatives driving the transformation of conventional farming practices at a fee-per-farmer or hectare. Contact us for more.

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