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Inspiration plants the seed, know-how ensures the idea grows. From corporate supply-chains to farmers, we facilitate the transition to regenerative agriculture with the goal of providing them with the necessary tools to do it themselves or include it in their operations.

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Regenerative business models

reNature aligns objectives and develops a rough business model based on modeling projections in the first phase of any project. Thus resulting in a regenerative business model, investment ready.

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Model Farm Implementation

reNature develops and implements Model Farms. Model Farms are small to medium-sized plots with a carefully crafted mix of species, which naturally support each other whilst creating the ideal ecosystem for the production of main cash crops. The goal is to showcase the benefits of Regenerative Agriculture and inspire local communities.

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Scaling up

The scaling up usually builds upon the demonstration Model Farm and utilizes it as a hands-on learning space. This is a proven concept based on the belief that farmers learn best from other farmers. This way, they help us promote transformation that is deeply integrated at the local level.

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Verification of existing regenerative practices

reNature offers verification of regenerative practices for their clients and farmers. We check agricultural production according to regenerative practices & principles and show what can be improved.

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Consultancy Services

reNature provides Consultancy to organizations that intend to apply, drive or support regenerative practices. We utilize our expertise, network, projects, experts and outreach to provide a range of context-specific advisory services. This includes Corporate strategy and value proposition, Gap analysis and action plans towards a regenerative supply base, Discovery of farmer business models and incentives for change, and so on and so forth.

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