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Are you curious about the challenges our world is facing? Are you even more curious about practical solutions? reNature offers talks about Regenerative Agroforestry. We deliver inspiration, insight and cutting-edge knowledge. Our aim is to raise awareness about the existence of Regenerative Agroforestry, how it works, and why we need it.

Following this objective, we have been spreading the ‘regenerative word’ at various talks, conferences, and industry meetings including: the Global Landscapes Forum, in Germany, the International Conference on Sustainable Development in New York City, Rabobank DARE Event, in Utrecht, TEDx Amsterdam and the ME convention – Mercedes-Benz in Frankfurt.

At reNature, we strongly believe in the power of cooperation, communication, and partnerships, as captured in SDG 17 ‘Partnerships for the goals’. Through our talks, the participation in conferences, and our media outreach we aim to build a global movement for Regenerative Agroforestry connecting relevant actors in the sector.


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