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What will happen next

First of all, thank you for your project submission. You’ve finished the first step in the process. The next steps are:

1. Submission check

Your submission will be checked by our submission team to see if everything is complete and if there are no question marks or red flags of any kind. If there are, your project might be rejected.

Due to the high number of submissions per week, the first submissions check can take up to 2 weeks.

2. We will be in touch

If we have minor questions and that can be clarified through an email or a phone call, a team member will reach out to you. It is important to have as much information as possible.

3. Write a project summary

With your submission details and additional explanation a reNature team member will write a project summary.

This will take another 2 weeks.

4. Approve project for publication

Together with the regional portfolio manager, the team will decide whether your project is ready to be announced and published on our website.

5. Send to potential financiers

We announce each accepted project to our list of potential financial partners and investors before publishing the project on our website. Our financiers and investors have the first choice. If there is a match or question from the partners, we will contact you immediately.

We send out new projects announcement to our partners once a month.

6. Publish on our website

The last stage is publishing the project on our website. We will inform you when this is done so you can show the page to every one.

This can take 1 week.

It simply takes time.

Like everything, getting your project ready to share with the world simply takes time. We work hard to shorten the process but it will never be shorter than two months. We hope this does not disappoint you.

Meanwhile, keep faith. Keep farming. 💪🏼