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reNature actively promotes regenerative agriculture and agroforestry successfully. And you can help us with reaching our goal of making Regen Ag mainstream. Why? Because it increases agricultural productivity, reduces hunger and poverty, supports biodiversity, and enriches soils and water availability.

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Donating Trees

For those who are only interested in donating trees, it’s a simple math. One tree costs on average € 5. This includes the tree seedling, the soil preparation, the planting, the management and the impact monitoring. With a medium tree density in a regenerative agroforestry design, the average is 500 trees per hectare. This adds up to €2,500 per hectare. These ‘tree donations’ are carried out by reNature Investments BV and can be invoiced if wanted. This will add 21% VAT.

Then some Carbon Math: A mature tree absorbs carbon dioxide at a rate of 48 pounds per year. In one year, one hectare of an agroforestry system can absorb twice the CO2 produced by the average fossil fuel car’s annual mileage. If you have a car park of 10 non-electric cars, you can compensate this with buying trees for 5 hectares. That’s €12,500.