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Want to donate to reNature?

You can help us restoring nature, as a volunteer and as a donator. And we need all the help there is. Donate now to help us spread the word, to work with farmers worldwide and regenerate nature where possible.

Individual Donations

As an individual, you can support reNature. Your donation will be used to:

  • get more people aware that it is time to restore nature.
  • collaborate with farmers and communities to develop business opportunities for them. 
  • develop agroforestry designs for the different commodities.
  • regenerate land

You can donate using our Paypal donation page or a bank transfer to:

Account name: Stichting reNature
Bank: Triodos
Account/IBAN: NL94 TRIO 0338 8466 03


Regenerating one million hectares of land can only be done with the help of many.


Corporate Donations

reNature also accepts donations from companies. You can pick a project that you would like to support financially and we connect your company to the project as a partner.

Helping a project to be realised is be a powerful tool that creates value along the entire chain of your company.

  • It’s good for the Company; it is a great way to differentiate. 
  • It’s good for Consumers; they identify themselves with protecting the environment.
  • It’s good for Employees; they feel proud and belonging to a responsible company.
  • It’s good for Investors; they see reinforcement of brand equity and legitimacy on financial markets. 
  • It’s good for Farmers; with agroforestry we improve diversification and increase incomes.

AND last but not least…

  • It’s good for the Planet; with agroforestry we improve biodiversity, preserve water, sequester carbon and regenerate soil.

Corporate donations start at € 5.000. If that is too much. you can also choose smaller but regular donations with our insetting program or choose to donate an amount of trees.

Tree Donations

For those who are specifically interested in donating trees, it is a simple math. One tree costs € 20. This includes the tree, the preparation, the planting, the after care and the replacement (if needed). With a medium tree density in a regenerative agroforestry design, the average is 500 plants per hectare.

A mature tree absorbs carbon dioxide at a rate of 48 pounds per year. In one year, one hectare of an agroforestry system can absorb twice the CO2 produced by the average fossil fuel car’s annual mileage.