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Portugal, a small country on the edge of the European continent, is a country with a typical mediterranean and maritime character. Part of Portugal are also beautiful islands such as the Azores and Madeira archipelagos.

Portugal, similar as many other mediterranean countries, is facing large challenges in the light of climate change – drought and wildfires put great pressure on the food system and biodiversity. Like other countries in the mediterranean region, the need to reduce climate-related risk is pertinent to ensure a healthy food system and to protect vulnerable ecosystems.

Cultivated crops include olives, figs, citrus, mushrooms, sunflower, tomatoes, cereals, and on the islands even tropical crops such as bananas (in Madeira Island) and pineapple (in São Miguel Island) are grown.

Different types of livestock are also common throughout Portugal, and the country also knows old traditional silvopastoral systems (combining livestock and trees).

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