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Flowins is a startup that helps producers with their quality, traceability, and good practices aiming for more sustainable and environmentally friendly coffee production. Their co-founders Danielle and Iago come from coffee families in the south of Minas Gerais, Brazil and they experience the challenges of the sector on a daily basis and seek, together with their partner, Guilherme, and all the Flowins team, to bring technological solutions to coffee producers, such as access to a quality lab with a professional Q grader team and a SuperApp where the producer can track all his production and discover the main points of improvement and quality of each coffee lot, in addition to having access to the purchasing markets directly, eliminating intermediaries, bringing transparency and greater values to the producer.

Together with Miele, reNature is developing a regenerative coffee model farm at Flowins Farm. With a total plot of 50ha, the project will have a considerable impact on soil quality, local biodiversity, and water conservation.