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Amanda Francisco da Silva 

Amanda Francisco da Silva is a biologist by BSc graduation with a MSc on Environmental Sciences, with specialization in Environmental Policy by Wageningen University & Research, with more than +9 years of working experience.

Back in Brazil, Amanda worked with Regulatory & Governmental Affairs in the Agribusiness sector for about 6 years, having a local and global position. Amanda’s transition to a career fully dedicated to sustainability kicked-off with her move to the Netherlands and her MSc studies at Wageningen University. Once graduated, she provided different companies with tools & strategies in reaching a better sustainability & circularity performance. Currently, Amanda is a ESG & Sustainability Senior Consultant at EY NL with focus on developing sustainable supply chains.

Amanda is an advocate for the use of regenerative practices as a business force in promoting resilient food systems across global supply chains. She has applied know-how in agricultural/tropical commodity supply chains, sustainable sourcing, multi-stakeholders platforms, regulatory & compliance, system thinking, circular economy, consumer products and living wages.

Amanda’s graduation at Wageningen University is an important component of her expertise in bridging innovation and businesses models.