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Guus ter Haar

Let me get right to it: I want what I do to have lasting and positive impact.

For me this goes beyond personal sustainability—it means inspiring positive change in others, being critical about what goes on in our society, challenging the status quo. I view (un)sustainability as an outcome of human decisions constrained by rules, systems, and incentives, and only by inspiring the right people and changing these rules, systems, and incentives, will we bring about the change we want to see.

I don’t strive to be an expert, there are enough of those. I strive to be an agent of positive change.

What characterizes me: engaging and empowering people whilst quickly mastering content, systems thinker, curious, calm, addicted to music, lover of simple food and craft beers.

Through my work I’ve learned to speak the language and understand the pains and gains of industry, government, NGOs, and society at large. Proud to have been Dutch Young Sustainability Leader (Duurzame Jonge 100).