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Corporate Donations

reNature Foundation also accepts donations from companies and other organisations. Helping projects to be realised is be a powerful tool that creates value along the entire chain of your company. Supporting the development of regenerative agriculture and agroforestry adds value;

  • for your Company; it is a great way to mitigate risk; 
  • for your Consumers; it shows you feel responsible for the planet;
  • for your Employees; it adds purpose & belonging.
  • for your Investors; it creates an impactful investments portfolio.
  • for Farmers; they see an increasing income per ha and become climate resilient.

AND last but not least…

  • It’s good for the Planet; with regenerative agriculture and agroforestry we improve biodiversity, preserve water, sequester carbon and regenerate soil.

Our 2% mission

We aim to regenerate 100 million hectares of farmland worldwide while supporting 10 million farmers’ transition by 2035. This represents 2% of total agricultural land and farmers.

How to donate

As a corporate or organization, you can donate to reNature Foundation starting at €5,000. The foundation will send you an official thank-you-letter for your financial administration. Donations above €25,000 will be mentioned in reNature’s newsletter and the Foundation’s Annual Report. Donations that exceed €100,000 can be allocated for a specific project, if desired.

To donate, send a bank transfer to:

Account name: Stichting reNature
Bank: Triodos
Account/IBAN: NL94 TRIO 0338 8466 03

In all cases, if you would like to discuss donating with our team, contact our team.

reNature Foundation selected projects around Agriculture, Climate change, Education, Food security, Nature restoration, Reforestation, and Social welfare of farmers and farming communities. It prioritizes projects in Latin America, East Africa, and South East Asia, where the impact of climate change, deforestation, and land degradation on local communities is significant and enduring.

Funds and other NGOs

reNature receives about five projects submissions a week. These are submitted by farmers, COOPs and SMEs who have heard of regenerative agriculture and of reNature’s good work. These farmers witness the transformation of their land, the threats to their crops, and the decline in yields. The foundation is seeking financial support to process these requests and to help those with the highest impact on aspects such as economic resilience, social welfare, biodiversity, soil health, and water management.

If you represent a Fund or an NGO and you are interested in working together or supporting our work, please, contact us or complete this form for foundations.