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VOSERDEM is a private non-profit Catholic association of the faithful that has the purpose of carrying out economic, social and spiritual development actions in cities and the countryside. Currently VOSERDEM is an institution in a permanent process of growth.

The principles of VOSERDEM are solidarity, equity and brotherhood of humanity based on the Christian faith. The organization unites in practice lay and religious Catholics under the premise that love between human beings is a fundamental instrument for an equitable society and in sustainable development.

The purposes of VOSERDEM are to strengthen societal ties, reduce the gaps of exclusion of human beings, promote people of integrity in civil society, put into practice the importance of material means and fundamentally spiritual means.

The general objective of Voserdem is to contribute to the fight against material and spiritual human poverty by carrying out volunteer actions and systematic teamwork.

  • Bolivia
  • 100 ha per year
  • Open to Financing

Paraiso Verde, Bolivia