You can help us restoring nature, as a volunteer and as a donator. And we need all the help there is. Donate now to help us spread the word, to work with farmers worldwide and regenerate nature where possible.

Donate what you can spare.

Your donation -no matter how small- will help to restore nature. 

Your donation will be used:

  • To promote agroforestry and get more people aware that we can restore nature.
  • To work together with farmers and communities to develop business opportunities for them. 
  • To design and implement agroforestry systems
  • To restore nature by executing our plans and ideas.

You can donate using Paypal

or a money transfer to:

Account name: Stichting reNature
Bank: Triodos
Account/IBAN: NL94 TRIO 0338 8466 03

Donating as a company.

As a company you can support reNature as well. We love to  connect companies to specific projects, to get your company involved and connected to a specific goal, one that you and your coworkers can be proud of. A project that you can see grow, flourish and prosper over the years. These donations start at €20.000. If that is too much (and we understand) you can also choose a smaller and regular amount with our insetting program.

Interested in what projects we have to offer? Call me, +31624672432 Marco