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New Partnership: reNature & Embrapa to make Agroforestry scalable and replicable all over Brazil.

Fortifying its scientific foundation, reNature is growing in many ways – also with the help of others. We are excited to announce our new partnership with Embrapa!

Embrapa is Brazil’s most renown agricultural research center. Embrapa seeks the most effective ways of making Brazilian agriculture more productive and precise. reNature is now creating a regenerative portfolio to showcase the economic viability of producing Brazilian commodities using Agroforestry techniques. For reNature’s projects in Brazil, Embrapa will be responsible for collecting research data on ecosystem services. Ecosystem services are benefits provided by the natural environment such as water and air purification, raw materials, food, climate regulation and many more. This data will be used to quantify the environmental impact we will have by bringing agroforestry innovation to conventional farmers. In the future, the collected data will be used to support farmers in their transition from conventional methods to more sustainable farming. Additionally, the data will be used to encourage impact investors and the private sector to invest in large-scale Agroforestry projects all over Brazil.

Brazil is known as one of the ‘breadbaskets of the world’, exporting many major crops. An understanding of agriculture based on a scientific approach can empower the country by increasing productivity in a way that will endure in the long term. With empirical evidence that focuses both on the environmental and economic impacts of agroforestry, Embrapa and reNature have the potential to design a sustainable and profitable blueprint for Brazil’s approach to agriculture.

Embrapa and reNature