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Insetting for Durable Impact

Many businesses want to have a positive impact on the planet or simply give back something green. Planting trees is a simple, clear option that comes to mind. But how effective is it really? Well, when done correctly, very.

By supporting reNature, companies are doing more than just distributing trees in random locations – they are helping farmers to restore nature. With the principles of agroforestry, trees become useful resources: you can use their fiber to make clothes, eat their fruits and of course sequester carbon.

What is Insetting?

Insetting represents the actions taken by a company or organization to fight climate change within its own value chain in a manner which generates sustainable impact. Luckily a growing number of organizations balance their relationship with the environment upon which we all depend. By engaging in socio-economic and environmental projects, within their supply chains, these organizations contribute to a sustainable future. Most of the time, companies choose to offset their business’s negative social and environmental impacts, such as beer brands caring about water and fashion brands caring about women’s rights.

In our case, if you as a company sell products that contain agricultural products but you have little control over the complete chain, you can give something back to nature.

Why insetting with reNature?

Insetting is be a powerful tool that creates shared value along the entire value chain of a company.

  • It’s good for the Company; it is a great way to differentiate.
  • It’s good for Consumers; they identify themselves with protecting the environment.
  • It’s good for Employees; they feel proud and belonging to a responsible company.
  • It’s good for Investors; they see reinforcement of brand equity and legitimacy on financial markets.
  • It’s good for Farmers; with agroforestry we improve diversification and increase incomes.


  • It’s good for the Planet; with agroforestry we improve biodiversity, preserve water, sequester carbon and regenerate soil.

reNature’s Insetting Program

There are many farmers who see the benefits of agroforestry but have no means to make the transition. They lack agroforestry knowledge, manpower and materials. Regularly reNature receives project requests without any funding. Our Insetting Program is to help these farmers.

As a comparison: with an average 10 euro we plant a tree anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

A designated percentage or portion of your profit goes to reNature. As a company you choose this proportion – it’s really up to you. You then send in a monthly report with the number of products sold along with the corresponding donation.

To make it easy to handle for all parties we have four simple rules:

  • You choose a set percentage per product,
  • You send an overview with the amount of sold products per month,
  • You pay for the insetting program monthly,
  • You communicate the insetting program with reNature in-store and/or on the product.

This is what we do:

  • reNature will communicate your commitment to the insetting program through their social media after the first payment is received.
  • reNature will use the insetting donation for projects that are not funded by any other organization or initiative.
  • reNature will update you as soon as a project has been chosen for the Insetting Program.

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