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Unpack Impact

Unpack Impact: Collaboration for systemic change, Entrepreneurs & Investors

How can we enable system change through collaboration between entrepreneurs and financiers? Learn from new entrepreneur-investor models and take the food and agri sector as an example. The event is not restricted to the agrifood topic only.

The world has focused first on energy in its effort to stop greenhouse gas emissions, but agriculture is also a key contributor to climate change and biodiversity loss. Introducing transformative change in agriculture demands involvement from all actors in the value chain, from farmers and producers to investors and consumers. It also needs new economic models. How can investors, organisations, policymakers and farmers collaborate to create a sustainable, transformative change?

Join us for a provocative conversation about how innovators in food and agri are working with forward-thinking financiers to enable new models. How are these models applicable to other sectors? We invite (soon-to-be) entrepreneurs and investors in diverse contexts to join us to hear the learnings, struggles and opportunities of co-creating new more generative models.

Eva Teekens, reNature’s Chief Investment Officer, will be speaking at this event.

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