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The Netherlands is the location of reNature’s Headquarters. Situated in Western Europe, the small country is one of the most densely populated ones in the world leaving little space for natural areas and agriculture. Yet, despite the limited area, the Netherlands are the second largest exporter of agricultural commodities in the world, second only to the USA. Its agricultural sector is known for being highly technologized and productive. Institutions such as the University of Wageningen are among the world’s leading in agricultural research. However, even a country that seemed to have figured it all out, there is space for improvements. Recent issues such as the nitrogen crisis, staggering farmer bankruptcy rates as well as the drastic loss of biodiversity point out the need for change. Regenerative Agroforestry and agriculture imply a tremendous potential to reverse these trends. The advance of the food forest – locally called “voedselbos” – movement is a promising development into the right direction. Yet, more efforts are needed to raise awareness, create knowledge, change relevant regulations, and provide the right incentives for the country’s highly commercial farmers to make the transition.


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