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Ik ben boer, “I am a farmer”, is the umbrella under which all kinds of initiatives come together. Arjen Verschure is the inventor and inspirer. Arjen is an organic dairy farmer in Zeewolde, but has one foot in society and the other in his stable. His goal is to bring these two worlds together in surprising ways. For this, Arjen has created “I am a farmer”. Now this is still a project name, but with the great wish and dream to grow into a new form of farming.

Arjen: “I am a farmer who is looking for connection. By working alone on the farm, so in your yard, you do not share what you have with others. And I want that differently. My dream is to have a farm that you share with others. Literally and figuratively. I am a farmer is the guideline for realizing that dream. I need other people for that. Therefore the platform I am farmer; to come up with new ideas, insights and working methods together.”