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Los Arboleros Farm

Los Arboleros is a 70 acre farm developing agroforestry systems and plantations of local caña guadua bamboo for construction. Los Arboleros Farm is not only a site for model bamboo plantation management, bamboo curing and processing, and provide other resources to people wanting to enter the bamboo industry, but also serves as a demonstration for other organic regenerative agricultural practices like compost making, crop rotation, agroecology, topsoil conservation, and watershed management. Students participating in their courses will get a chance to walk through bamboo forests, work in diverse agricultural operations, see stunning jungle flora and fauna, and be able to explore larger scale landscape architecture concepts.

In a tropical region dominated by cattle ranching, Los Arborelos Farm stands out as a wildlife hotspot, where bamboo is commercially produced within a roughly designed agroforestry system. Building up from previously degraded pasture land, the farm is now on the way to scaling up its production via diversification of its byproducts and by strengthening the envisioned capacity-building program.