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Call for Changemakers – FULL

Are you ready to get dirty? reNature is going to plant a test plot for white pepper production on Bangka Island, Indonesia. And you can help. The following job vacancies are open:

1 Team Leader

Do you have excellent social skills and want to lead a small team of volunteers, connect to the local community, arrange meetings, and promote agroforestry amongst the local farmers? If you have advanced knowledge of Agroforestry and would like to help organize the preparation and planting of 1ha test plot for white pepper production, you can Apply as Team Leader.

5 Volunteers

Do you want to work on the land as a team member and learn about agroforestry in Indonesia? If you have some basic knowledge of Agroforestry and would like to help with the preparation and planting of the 1ha test plot for white pepper production, you can Apply as Volunteer.

reNature expects volunteers to behave in a manner which reflects positively on the organization and to promote the key organizational messages where possible, to be supportive of staff and other volunteers, to participate assiduously in the proposed tasks and to commit to schedules.

As a volunteer, you will have to pay for your own flight and cost for the visa process. It is your responsibility to have the right visa when the program starts. reNature does not provide advice regarding the visa application process, nor is it in any form responsible for the flight and visa application.

However, reNature will:

  • Pay a minimal volunteer compensation of 18 euros per working day,
  • Refund your Visa costs,
  • Arrange working insurances for the reNature team during the working period,
  • Provide food and shelter to the local standards during the working period,
  • Organize a three-day workshop by an Indonesian Agroforestry expert.

Project Location:
Namang, Bangka Belitung Islands, Indonesia

Project Period:
March 7 till May 7, 2019

Application Procedure

First: Choose which role you would like to have during this project.
Second: Click on the link below and fill in the appropriate form BEFORE FEBRUARY 7, 2019.
Third: Wait two weeks for the reNature team to read your application carefully and call the selected candidates.
Fourth: If you are selected, you can plan your trip, apply for a visa, buy your tickets and join us.

So, which one is it going to be?