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Lombok earthquake break

Chapter 4: Lombok – Trembling

First of all, We are thankful for our reNature team on Lombok is safe. We were beginning the last month of our first phase when the earth trembled. And not just once but repeatedly. The project where we are working on is on the south coast of the island which has been spared so far.

How an earthquake shows the necessity of local food production

Short-term help is needed; houses to be rebuilt, infrastructure to be restored, food to be supplied. The earthquakes show once and for all that islands like Lombok should produce food for their own inhabitants. We have seen that in a crisis situation there’s an instant shortage of food. Most of the necessary food consummation on the island is imported which means that with an earthquake like this the food shortage is an immediate issue.

Continuing our work with a new focus

The team is currently divided over different Indonesian islands. Some of the group are still around to help where they can. It’s logical that the work at the Dome Lombok food forest is on hold.

We used this distress to reconsider the Dome Lombok project objectives. We see now that we would help the Islanders more  by setting up an educational center for local farmers and if the finance lets us develop more agroforestry fields with farmers to show that Lombok is able to provide in their own food, make sure there IS food security when necessary.

You can help the people of Lombok by supporting one of the agroforestry projects. Planting one hectare of agroforestry field costs less than 800 euro. Every bit is welcome.

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