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reNature is challenging COP24 leaders.

The last time the big leaders came together they were content with the promises they made. Only a year later the moment has come that we can no longer sit back and relax, watch the clouds go by and hope it will all be better tomorrow.

Climate change is on the news every day. We cannot close our eyes and think it is only extremely dry in California, or that downpours only hit the Australia south-east. Climate change is real and it will change your life too. It is time for action because tomorrow has started.

At COP24 leaders from countries, from the financial sector, from industries, from NGO’s are there, working for a climate action agenda, which is an agenda that requires the full participation of each and every sector of society. It’s a tough cookie because each and every one has its own stakes at risk. Leaders make promises they sometimes can’t keep. Or a promise made turns out into tax raise to push people to change thus leading to protest.

We need to challenge our leaders and show them we are ready for change. It is about the future of our children and our children’s children. Together with Youth Climate Leaders we are in Katowice to open some eyes. Our message is think different, think abundance, think collaboration, think opportunity, basically think like an entrepreneur.

Change will come if we can make people benefit from eco-friendliness. Agroforestry is really the solution for farmers, their communities, the end-consumer PLUS for nature.

Every bit helps, even at COP24.

You might think “yeah yeah, as if you can make a difference” Well – we believe we can. Because only from action comes reaction. If you don’t believe in yourself who will? We have to do this. It is our obligation to you name it. Even the smallest change can make a huge impact. It is all about the numbers. If we could only reforest 1% of farmland on this planet we will increase nature with 49.000.000 ha of forest. That is new forest with the size of Spain.

“We want to renature 1 million ha by 2030. That is a wee 0,02% of todays farmland, in total. It is the size of Jamaica.”

The biggest fear is the fear of losing what you have. This fear seizes the will to change. Because we’re unsure whether we are able to maintain our current wealth and life style. This does not only count for the rich. Even when you have little to nothing, you still don’t want to lose what you have got.
Regenerative Agriculture does not stand in the way of profit and economic growth. On the contrary, research has proven that Regenerative Agriculture outperforms the profit from traditional farming methods. So why do we hold on to oldfangled ways of farming? Because we are afraid to lose what we have even if it is not so good.

Dear global leaders, big bosses and successful entrepreneurs,

Face the challenge stout-hearted. Be a leader and help your followers to overcome their fear. Our team is keen talk to you, to meet you, to share our story, and to show you the benefits of regenerative agriculture. Do you want to talk to them? Let us know. We will connect you.

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How Profit and Nature works together is explained by Felipe Villela in his TEDx Talk.